Friday, July 8, 2011

Weight Update

Well, I said I would update you each Friday on how I was doing with weight loss.  Well this week sucked. I weighed in at 236.2 lbs.  So I gained a pound.  To be honest I really didn't put any effort into it this week.  I will blame my dad.  He likes to have a big breakfast and he was visiting this week.  So most mornings I had bacon, pancakes, biscuits, gravy, eggs..  Sure, I could haven eaten my Kashi cereal but damn that bacon was good.  Plus my dad makes the best biscuits and gravy!  So I will try again this week. 


  1. I saw this link in your archive and had to click on it. I've been considering doing a Weight Update myself. I find I need the accountability. I look forward to following these posts as I'm doing the same thing!

  2. Thanks Dana. Every Friday I will try to give a weight update. Hopefully this next Friday will be a bit more successful than the last.