Monday, July 18, 2011

Damn Little Cursor

All my life I have dreamed about being a writer. The ability to share my stories with others would be amazing. My characters on paper wrapped up in a pretty book cover.  However, I never seem to get past the first couple of chapters.  I have so many ideas and story lines running through my overcrowded brain.  But once I sit in front of the computer or with a pen and paper it all immediately disappears.  Then I just sit and stare.  Trying to recover the ideas I had in the first place.  Trying to make sense of my thoughts. 

The blank page with its pulsing cursor is two faced.  At first it is a clear slate.  Just waiting for words to cover it. Its a new beginning.  A new story that is waiting to unfold on the page before me.  I am excited to let the words flow from my mind down my arms, into my finger tips and finally onto the screen.  This is when the cursor is encouraging. "Oh, I love it!  What happens next?  Oh, no she didn't?!"  This cursor is my partner.  Each pulse it makes ignites new ideas and new words that caresses it's page.

On the other hand, it is my worst enemy.  That little cursor mocking me.  Like a school yard bully that you have to stand up to but really just want to run home to Mommy.   "You have nothing, do you? What are you going to write now?  Is it any good? I'm waiting! Why do you call yourself a writer.  Its just a blog you silly woman!"

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. That little line marking my page where I am suppose to place those incredibly interesting words that will ignite passion or fear into others, just keeps blinking at me.  Ans so I sit and stare.  I am caught in it's trance.  Praying that something will come.  But instead I have nothing.  Not today.  So what do I do?  What will I find to inspire me to put it in words for others to enjoy or hate?  Why not?  I will write about that damn cursor.  It has caused such mixed emotions in me.  Why shouldn't I share it?

Blink. Blink. Blink.  "I knew one day I would get to her."  Blink. Blink. Blink.


  1. FTLOB critique!

    LOVING this blog! The colors are so cute and complimentary! You have beautiful writing and I love your post choices!

    My only real critique is that you should have a banner on top instead of text! I say this because then you'll have a recognizable picture that people will associate with you! Otherwise, awesome job :)

  2. Thank you so much! I will work on a banner. :D

  3. thanks for stopping by, following back

  4. Thanks for coming over. And thanks for being nice. Loved you suggestions. Will take them all.

    I love this post as I am the exact same way. I want to write a full book someday but it sooo damn daunting.

    Can you please tell me what happened when you went on my sidebar to follow? I am not getting as many follows as I want, and this concerns me.

    Now, for your suggestions.

    I am with Sarah. I have found a great way of making a masthead is to use Picasa. There are tutorials out there that make it real easy.

    Maybe incorporate your ideas of what you want in your blog in photos instead of words. It will grab your readers more than a lengthy blog title.

    Also on your sidebar. Create a profile that is exciting and makes people want to read. Don't make it sound like a resume, but a sentence or two that really promotes...sell yourself. Write what you would say to an interviewer.

    I also love your colors.

    Am following you. Hope I can get my following working so you can follow me back. Blah.

  5. Thank you for the suggestions. I am so technology slow but I will do my best to get a banner created. I will also make my profile a bit more interesting. I just couldn't find the place to click to follow your blog. I will take some pictures and try to see what I can create with them. Thanks so much for the ideas. And I hope you will come back again.

  6. Hi! New follower from the Stalk Hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi and return follow! :)