Monday, October 25, 2010

Its all about change!

"Nursing is constantly changing".  This is what I keep hearing everyday in nursing school.  I understand that the medical field changes all the time.  There is new technology.  New medicines.  New ways to chart.  However, I am still frustrated when an assignment is given, such as care plans, but the guidelines to this homework changes each time we turn it in.  "No this isn't right.  We decided we want it this way instead."  Wouldn't that get on your nerves.

Or how about this?  When going to clinical you are stuck with a new instructor who does everything the opposite way from what you were taught. 

When I bring this up in class or to my instructor the first thing they will say is, "Its all about change.  Nursing is constantly changing.  You have to be able to go with the flow."

I am all about going with the flow.  But I would like to know which way it is flowing.  Or maybe have signs that say "sharp curve ahead".  I know I am asking too much.

I do have to say I am learning quite a bit.  I enjoy nursing school and my classmates. My fellow "what the hell is going on" friends are fantastic and they keep me smiling.  I am lucky to go through this process with them. 

I gave a flu shot for the first time just last week.  I felt sorry for my client.  But my client was a trooper and said I should get an A. 

As far as family goes we are doing fine.  Football is over with for my son and we only have one more weekend of soccer for my daughter.  That will give us a nice break.  We are very busy with Girl Scouts.  Luckily I am blessed with great moms who are willing to help out and take over entire meetings.  Everyone understands that I am overwhelmed with school and everything else so I am thankful for all their help and support.

Work is going fine.  That is all I can really say about it online. It is exhausting and nights is a pain to work and raise a family during the day.  But once I am finished with nursing school it will be different, right?

Well that is all for today.  Just a little update on what is going on.  Not much new... just some dishes to wash, a diaper to change and a degree to earn........ OH MY~~~~~

Saturday, October 9, 2010

One day at a time!

That is how I am surviving life right now... One day at a time.  If I think too much about what I have going on I am sure I would have a panic attack.  Its funny to hear other people tell me that they are amazed with all I have going on.  I guess I do have a lot going on but I don't focus on it.  It would be too overwhelming if I did. 

Things have been getting a bit more hectic.  Just the other day I was awake for 34 hours straight.  I had all day of classes on Wednesday, couldn't nap before work, then I worked 10p-6a, and then another full day of classes on Thursday.  I was entertainment for my fellow nursing students.  I had to keep myself awake and I did that by acting insane.  I dance in the car on the way back to class from lunch blaring Usher's "Ya".  It was fantabulous I am fo sho!!!!

Fellow aides have been dropping like flies at work.  Last night another one quit.  I think I may have to ask for a raise soon.  I've been working there two months and I pretty much have seniority on my shift already.  Gotta love that.  Not that it would benefit me much but oh well.

There really isn't much else to post right now.  We are keeping busy trying to stay afloat with all that I have going on plus my family's activities.  What I really want to do is go see a couple of movies, one right after another and pig out on popcorn, soda and chocolate.  Doesn't that sound like fun.

Well I better be off.  Don't know when I will post again.  Hopefully soon since my nursing class schedule will be a bit tamer for this next quarter.  I hope all of you out there are enjoying your fall season.  Thank you so much for keeping up with my blog.  I really appreciate it!