Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrate Your Right To Love on the 4th of July!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  Independence day for the USA.  I am proud to be an American (most of the time).  Many of my family members are military and I am thankful of what they have done for our country.  I don't always agree with our government or our military.  I think it is run by a bunch of schmucks for the the most part.  I do believe that as a member of this country it is my responsibility to take upon myself to see change happen.  It is my freedom to do so.  My right to make a difference. 

Many people think that they are free to do whatever they want or have this right or that.  However, they want to do nothing for it in return.  They want clean air but drive an SUV.  They want freedom to practice their religion but disrespect other religions.  We want all these rights but without doing anything to get it.

We are free but not truly.  We are in fact slaves to our own wants and desires.  As Americans we want the biggest car, the fanciest house, the largest soda, the newest electronic.  We desire to be number one at everything we do.  Our clothes must be the nicest.  Our children the smartest and most talented.  Even our tv shows reflect the slavery we hold ourselves to.  The Real Housewives, really?  Fake women being paid money they aren't worth to spend money they don't care about on crap they don't need.  But its their right. Their freedom.

Freedom used to be about the right to happiness.  To be free of dictatorship.  The right to practice your own religion without persecution.  The right to love someone of a different nationality or race.  Now we fight to be able to love someone of the same sex.  We fight so we can be able to love.  Is our country messed up or what?  We fought so that anybody could sit at the lunch counter or anywhere on the bus that they chose.  That is what Independence Day is about.

Yes, we are free to want what makes us happy.  The "American" dream.  I am an American and this is what I dream of: I dream of a country, no a world, where my children will know love.  A love that is not decided by color, nationality, money, sex, fame, education but by the person as an individual.  As a human being deserves to be loved.  I dream that our freedoms will not ruin our world with our love of excess.  I dream that our happiness will not be based on what we have but who we love and the love they return to us.  That is what freedom is about.  Not the right to bear arms.  Not the right to freedom of speech.  The right to love.  The most important freedom we have.  This is what we should be fighting for.  Without love we are just slaves to what we think are our rights.


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