Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild Weekend!

Whew!  What an exhausting weekend.  Friday night my hubby and I went to our friend's bar.  We always have fun there.  However, this night was extra special because the bar was donating 20% of the proceeds to the summer camp we used to work at, Camp Ondessonk.  So of course to make sure that a large sum was donated we drank way to much.  It was a fun night.  Great friends. Awesome music.  Friday was followed by Hang Over Saturday.  Need I say anything else about Saturday.  Well I did get a wild hair up my you know what and worked on our laundry pile.  It is slowing going down in size.

Sunday was Princess day.  A friend and I took our daughters out on the town for lunch and a movie.  My ten year old daughter did not have any interest in it at all.  She stayed at home.  The girls were so cute dressed up in their princess dresses.  We had a blast. 

Monday I took my oldest daughter and her Girl Scout troop out on the town.  We ate at a Japanese Hibachi grill.  It was fun to see their faces.  They tried sushi or rather California rolls.  It was a new experience for some of them.  Then we went and saw Gnomeo and Juliet.

I got to see Gnomeo and Juliet twice this weekend.  I think I am good for awhile.  It is a cute movie. 

It was an exhausting weekend.  I am glad that I don't have class today.  I can just chill at home while the kids are back at school.  I do have to go workout and I will continue the struggle with the laundry pile.  I will win, damnit!

I hope you all have a great week.  Its a short one for us which will be really nice.  Cuz, I am already for this upcoming weekend so I can recover from this last one. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Boy Scouts, I will not let you turn my son into a BIGOT!

As you read in a previous post I am concerned about what my son is learning in boy scouts.  My son is nine years old and loves boy scouts.  Unfortunately our pack isn't very involved or well organized.  They haven't really done anything all year.  Last night at the last minute we remembered that there was suppose to be a pack meeting.  So I loaded my kids in the van and we went to the church where it was being held at.

At the start of the meeting I was getting a bit excited.  They had a speaker come in.  A man who was an Eagle scout and very involved with Boy Scouts.  He had us a play a story game and it involved not just the boys but the parents as well.  It was a lot of fun.  Then he taught us a song. My son loves camp songs.  He really enjoyed it.  Then it got a bit boring as the speaker went on to talk about boy scouts.  At this point my youngest started to get fussy and was yelling in my ear.  But it did not keep me from hearing, "ANTI-GAY"... hold the phone... did I just hear what I thought I heard.  Here my son is listening intently to learn something new about scouting and this is what he gets.  Aww hell no!  I was stunned.  The speaker went on to say something about the organization being private and blah blah blah....

My mind was racing.  Do I grab my kids and rush out causing a scene?  Do I ask him to repeat himself to make sure what I heard was right?  What do I do?  I listened more.  He went on about camping opportunities and the Pinewood Derby Race (my son won last year!).  When the meeting was over we hightailed out of there.  We tried to at least.  Gary found a very expensive looking earring on the floor and went back to turn it into the leader.  He is a good boy.  Once we were in the car I had to text my husband.  Surely I had heard incorrectly.  I know I had seen on the news about Boy Scouts and lawsuits regarding homosexuality but I guess I never really thought about it.

When we got home I was so upset.  The kids and I sat down at the table and ate our McDonald's dinner.  Like I was going to cook in my state of mind.  I was trying so hard not to cry.  Of course my son didn't even notice the anti-gay remark.  I doubt he even knows what it means to be gay.

After dinner and the kids were in the pjs, I hopped on facebook and posted about it.  It was great to see so many people respond to it.  Of course I have great taste in friends.

Here is my dilemma.  Do I let my son stay in BS because of the other skills he is learning?  Why should I support an organization that is openly discriminatory?  If I choose to take my son out of scouting how do I explain my reason to him?

Right now even as I type, tears are streaming down my face.  Why do we hate?  Why are they teaching our sons that not every human is worth respect and love?  No matter your skin color, religion, nationality or sexual preference... you are to be loved.

I'm not one to be silent so I think I may be taking on the Boy Scouts.  If more parents spoke up the organization would have to do something.  But I think, that like me, they don't expect to find this on the local levels.  Well they have messed with my cub and Mama Bear is not happy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dull Clinical Day

FYI- due to HIPPA I will not be sharing much info about what I do at clinicals.

NURSE FUNNY Pictures, Images and Photos Maybe this would have made my day more exciting...

Today I was ready for clinicals.  I was hoping to do something new.  Put in a catheter.  Take out a catheter.  Give some shots.  Suction....anything.  Basically all I did was a bit of talking , took out a saline lock and sat around waiting for something to happen.  So much for an exciting day.  But this was how it was for me and most of my fellow nursing students.  Dull land at the hospital.  Oh well, I guess not every day can be exciting.

The morning went by slowly and our instructor let us leave early.  By the time I got home I had a horrible headache from not doing much all day.  I hope next week something exciting happens.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  When I was little I always looked forward to this day.  I would hope for some sweet love note or a gift from an admirer.  Now that I have been married for 11+ years the little things make me smile.  After my nursing class this morning my husband and went to Applebee's for lunch.  Then we came home and watched a tv show.  After that I a nap.  He took care of the kids when they came home from school.  He is also cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner while I am sitting snuggled up in a pile of blankets in my recliner.  Best day eva!  We used to buy each other cards and I used to get flowers. But cards just pile up on the counter and flowers die.

I can see why some people don't like Valentine's Day.  Sure the stores want you to buy all their crap.  But I think the world could always use some extra love.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and if you aren't into the holiday here is a youtube video just for you.  Enjoy!  Warning it does have foul language.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Don't Speak British!

Funniest thing I head all week. My son had cub scouts last Thursday. I arrived about 5 minutes early to pick him up. This is what I heard "Boys you should show respect to the flag and to the soldiers who fight to honor it. Because of them you are able to speak English and not British." I about had a laughing fit.While I am all about honoring our soldiers and respecting the flag, the leaders seemed to be really fired up about it.  It had me a bit worried that maybe they were teaching our sons more than we want them to learn.  They are nine years old.  From the looks on the boys' faces they were bored to tears.  I know its hard being a troop leader.  You want to inspire these kids but they are mainly there for the fun and hopefully they learn something while having fun.  I am very thankful for the den leader. They have to put time into their meetings.  However, I am afraid that from what I was hearing they were putting into the minds of our kids that because we speak English that we are superior to other Americans who do not.  While this is most likely not the case it seemed to me that maybe I should sit in on more cub scout meetings to make sure they are teaching our boys appropriate things.  
 I want my son to be a worldly man.  To be accepting of all races.  Even those British speaking people!  I'm sorry.  I just found this to be so freaking hilarious.  If it weren't for our soldiers we would be using words like "govna" "bollocks" "cheerio".  What would our society be like then?  

Happy Boy Scout Sunday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My New Favorite Comedian

Do not play if you are offended with foul language or with sex toys.  This is very funny.  Please no nasty comments because I find it hilarious and don't care if you do not.  Enjoy!
Love this!!!

Mama's Playlist

I am always curious as to what other moms are listening to. I admit I have a very eclectic taste in music.

Here is what is on my play list:

  1. Britney Spears
  2. Jewel                                                                  
  3. Nickelback
  4. Eminem
  5. Michael Jackson
  6. Aerosmith
  7. Jethro Tull
  8. Neil Diamond
  9. John Prine
  10. NIN (nine inch nails)
  11. Johnny Cash
  12. Carrie Underwood
  13. T.I
  14. Rhiannon
  15. The Killers
  16. Muse
  17. Mumford and Sons-  LOVE THEM!!!
  18. Ozzy Osborne
  19. Nirvana
  20. All three Twilight movie soundtracks- Don't act like you are surprised.
  21. Vanilla Ice
  22. Sir Mix A Lot
  23. Sugarland
  24. All American Rejects
  25. Hollywood Undead
  26. Metallica
  27. Florence and the Machine- Love Her!
  28. Lady Gaga
That is just to name some of my faves.  I love music. I love dancing.  If I could walk around with my headphones all day I would.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great Clinical Day

I am very excited about nursing school.  I am learning so much and am getting to try many new things.  It is a wonderful experience.  Today we had clinicals.  I won't go into any detail about patients or even where I have my clinical keeping with HIPPA guidelines.  I will say that I actually felt like a nurse and it felt great.  One nurse made sure to take me along during med pass and explained why she does things the way she does.  She was fantastic.  Then I also had a nurse who didn't give me the time of day.  I tried to stay out of her way.  Not sure why some nurses act this way but it will only harm them in the future when they are patients and do not have knowledgeable nurses to take care of them.  I am not looking forward to all the homework I will have to start working on but it has to get done sometime. 

Here is a bit of awesome news. I made the Dean's list last semester.  I received a certificate in the mail.  I'm very happy about that achievement.  Thanks for joining me on my nursing school adventure.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me and My Baby

My sitter is sick today.  Which is okay because Tuesdays I don't have class. Today I did not have anything planned except catching the laundry up and maybe cracking open a nursing book.  Today was also my day to sleep in.  My husband and I have this agreement that we let each other sleep in at least once a week.  My hubby gets Monday because that is his day off.  So I get the kids up and out the door all by myself.  Tuesdays I sleep in because I don't have a class.  Usually, I am up once the kids are out the door. The noise of getting them ready isn't the best to help someone sleep.  But getting out of getting them ready, hunting down lost AR books and fixing breakfast... priceless!

Today is a rare day.  My little guy and I are home by ourselves.  We are going to snuggle and watch cartoons. Play with all his train toys and take a snuggly nap together.  With four kids there aren't too many chances to have one on one time so I treasure these days. 

I hope you have a great day.  This post is going to be short so I have time with my little baby.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My First Blog Award

Woot Woot!  I have received my first blog award from Mommy Time Out 
Thank you so very much.  I am very excited.

There are some rules that go along with this. 

1. You have to Thank the person who awarded you & Link them back in your post - DONE

2. Tell Everyone 7 random facts about yourself

3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers

4. Contact each blogger and let them know you've passed the award on to them, & let the "giver" know you accept the award.

Seven Random Facts About Me:
1. I am a huge fan of anything paranormal.  Vampires, werewolves, time-traveling highlanders...
2. I met my husband at summer camp.
3. I hate needles but love to give shots.  I'm a giver, I know.
4. I have all of Britney Spear's albums on my mp3 player.
5. I love nature but have a black thumb. 
6.  I believe in having non-mommy days where I can let loose and get crazy.
7.  I blog because I truly love writing.  Even if its just sharing my day's events or the craziness that goes through my head.

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Nurse vs. Nursing Student

Yesterday afternoon I was loading our dishwasher.  Nothing out of the ordinary until I picked up one of our Noritake stoneware plates. It broke in half.  Scaring me half to death and slicing my right thumb.  I was stunned at first. Then when it suddenly hit me the F-bombs flew. Which I feel bad about because my daughter had a friend over.  Oops. I quickly grabbed a clean wash cloth and applied pressure to my bleeding thumb.  It was crazy looking.  I could literally look inside my thumb.  It was pretty deep.  I called my husband and told him to get his ass home and take me to the ER.  Thank God he works only 2 minutes from our house.  Then I called my mother in law who was also close by.  She came over to keep an eye on the kids while I went to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital we were to taken to a room right away.  My hubby stayed out to register me and fill out papers.  I was asked the normal questions.  How did you do it?  Any street drugs?  Do you drink?  Last tetanus?  Have you been threatened or harmed recently?  My vital signs were taken.  Here is where I start annoying my husband..."Did you see how she took my blood pressure?  Right over my thick sweatshirt.  I would have failed out of nursing by now if I took a BP that way.  There is no way she got an accurate reading!"  This continues until the nurse comes back in to clean my wound. 

The doc then comes in to check it out and decides we are going to glue it. This was when the doc made a comment that he has to remind himself to put gloves on. He's old school I guess.  Ick!  I told him that I would have reminded him.  Then he asked, "Why?  What do you have?"  Really?  You are going to ask me that.  I said, "Its not what I have that I am worried about but what you might give me."  Take that almighty doctor.

Once my thumb is glued back together the nurse takes my BP again.  It was really high when we came in.  No shit!  I had a sliced up thumb and we hauled ass to get to the ER.  So she took it again.  It was still high but was going down.  I told them it was too high.  The doc talked to me about it.  I told him that it wasn't my normal BP which is usually 118/62 or near that.  Last night it was 148/90 (the first one). So he started to talk to me about hypertension.  I told him that the nurse needed to retake my BP properly and not over my thick sweatshirt.  He agreed.  So she did but still took it on my forearm and used the machine. I hate the automatic machines.  It looked like the manual BP cuff hadn't been used in years.  So I assured the doc that I would keep an eye on my BP.  It was going down by the time I had gotten home.  My MIL checked it for me (she used to be a nurse) 130/76.  Not bad considering I just got back from the ER. 

I got out of dishes for the rest of the evening.  And my hubby cooked dinner.  Now I am just waiting for this to heal.  I hope the glue holds.  I think stitches would have been a better way to go but oh well.  I'm keeping it covered so I don't risk infection.  What a way to spend a Friday!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Whore!

 Facebook whore.  That is what my loving husband calls me.  And he is right on the money! Its so true.  I love facebook.  My day pretty much begins and ends with facebook.  If I could get it on my phone I would never be without it.  The sad part is that I didn't truly know I was addicted until this past Wednesday night.  There was a big winter storm in the midwest.  You may have heard about it.  Well our internet was working but all the servers in the region were down (according to our internet company).  I swear I checked it all night.  I was like a crack addict curled up in the corner shaking and sweating because I couldn't get my fix.  The next morning was wonderful.  I bounded out of bed and down the stairs to my trusty laptop.  "Please let it work. Please let it work!" I prayed.  And lo and behold it worked.  The angels sang from the heavens.  Doves burst through my nightgown.  What a miraculous event!!  Pathetic isn't it.

Here is why I like facebook.  I live so far away from my family and the majority of my friends. I get to see pictures of old friends and their families.  I get to know who is in a complicated relationship or who is married.  I like to know what is going on. Facebook has kept me in touch with those I probably would never talk to on a regular basis.  Now when I do get to see them in person we are all caught up and move forward instead of replaying what has been happening in our lives. Plus, I get to give everyone my two cents on their status.  They wouldn't have friended me if they didn't want to know, right?   I love it.  I crave it.  (laughs hysterically)

So feel free to make me wear a bright red FB on my clothes to announce to the world that I am a Facebook whore.  But chances are if they are on Facebook they already know it.

If you are a fellow Facebook whore feel free to Like my Dishes, Diapers, Degrees; Oh My! page.  I would love to have you stop by!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mama Got Back

Let's work it out.  By it I mean my flabby ass.  I have tried so many different things to get back into my pre-baby shape and have had a bit of success every once in awhile only to have another child.  I know that sounds mean like I blame my children for roundness.  I do.  Just kidding (partly).  I know I am to blame and really have become sedentary in my life.  I eat whatever I want. I don't work out.  Well at least until lately.

This semester I am taking a circuit fitness training class at the college.  You are on your own there but have to sign in so you get credit.  27 hours of working out is an A, 26 a B and so on.  Since I want an A to keep my GPA up I will have to go.  No excuses.  I even have a fellow nursing student who also takes this class.  She is fit and has the tight little tummy to show for it.

Yesterday we went to the gym to work out and I had her show me some of the things to do to whittle my tummy down.  Ouch!!!!  My  tummy did not like it.  I, however, am loving it.  I feel more energetic than I did a few weeks ago.  I sleep better (most nights) and I am not dragging during the day.  I walked on the treadmill, worked my arms, legs and abs.  I feel great if not a bit sore. 

Since I am working out I am not eating all the crap that I used to.  I still eat some of it just not all.  I am making healthier choices. I've cut down on the sweet tea and soda and am drinking more water.  I have even lost a few pounds since we started.  So needless to say, I am pumped up.  I really want to stick with it and turn my health and figure around.  Instead of round I will take hourglass.  Hopefully, come summer, my flabby ass will no longer be flabby but instead FABULOUS!

I will keep you posted on how its going and if you have any advice for me I would surely appreciate it.