Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just when you think things are going your way...

I've got nothing. I'm exhausted!

Today I spent eight hours sitting in theater seats listening to some lady talk to us about the NCLEX-PN.  Yes, it was a very suckish day.  I felt like it was such a waste of time.  And I get to go back tomorrow.  YEAH. But wait it gets better!

This evening my kids came running down stairs. They were babbling on about something leaking from the ceiling in the bathroom.  Only thing above the bathroom is the attic.  But guess what.  The drain pipe from the AC (the unit is in the attic) is apparently clogged and it backed up.  It caused water to drain and leak through the bathroom ceiling.  It pooled into our light fixture.  I just thank God that no one turned the light on at all today.  How scary could that have been?!  So right now our AC is turned off and my dear husband is trying to work on it.  Yep, its July and our AC is off.  Good God, what else could go wrong? I probably shouldn't even ask that because something will go wrong.

Its always something isn't it.  They say that God never gives us something that we can't handle.  What if God has us confused with someone else?  Just curious! 

Hopefully tomorrow is much better and we get the AC working. 


  1. Who on earth put the AC in the attic?? That sounds like a recipe for disaster!! And our roof leaks everywhere. It looks like bowl city when it rains at our house. It even rains through the light fixture in our bedroom and on to my side of the bed. Good thing I'm married to a carpenter huh!!

  2. Its just one of those days. WTF about the AC in the attic is right but that is how they put it in since the house wasn't built with AC. Put that carpenter to work and get that roof fixed. LOL, ya I know, its that easy isn't it :D