Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wear your f**king Helmet!

Have you ever seen those bumper stickers that say "Watch for motorcycles." "Share the road." ?

Ya, so have I.  I am very aware of motorcyles when driving.  In fact I try to stay very far from them.  They make me nervous.  The way they swerve in and out of traffic with nothing protecting them scares the crap out of me.  Ya, I share the road.  They can have the whole damn lane.  I have no beef with motorcycle riders.  Just those that don't wear their helmets.

If you wanna ride, by all means, RIDE!  But wear a helmet.  How many bikers die each year from head injuries that could have been prevented simply by wearing a helmet?  My sister works as an ICU nurse and its amazing to hear how many of her patients are in her care because they did not wear their helmet.


I have heard of bikers wanting to fight against helmet laws.  Why?  Is it because you look less bad ass with a helmet?  You will mess up your hair or you won't have that wind blown look?  To me its ridiculous.  Bikers, you are only human.  Your "ride" does not give you super powers that keep you from dying on the road.  Your helmet may!  Sure, its not guaranteed to protect you fully but it will make a big difference!

Dumb Guido!

Smart!  And look they are so happy with their helmets! And the bugs in their teeth!

So if you want me to share the road or beware of motorcycles, then please wear your f**king helmet!  I will do my best not to hit you with my pimped out mini van but if I do and you were wearing a helmet then we may all be okay.  Except for the broken bones and road rash you will get.  But that is a totally different story.


  1. Hey helmets are good, once i had met with an accident and my helmet really saved me, and i do believe in wearing helmet.
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  2. Thanks for posting and showing support!

  3. I can't stand seeing adults or kids without helmets. Hello...such an easy thing to do and stay safe.

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  4. I agree, I think people who don't wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle are so stupid!!! I hate that in PA you don't have to wear a helmet. That might be the stupidest thing the state did!!!