Friday, July 22, 2011

Girls Night Out!

Its time for another GNO, Girls Night Out, and I am so stoked for it.  I've blogged before about the need to be yourself and embracing it.  And that while you may be a mother and wife you are still your own person. For many years I forgot that. 

I love GNO!  Its a time when I don't have to be all those other things.  I'm just Nancy Marie.  The girl who loves to laugh, dance and just have fun. Its time to get crazy!  On GNO I try to look good enough to eat (after 4 kiddos not so easy).  If I look sexy.  I feel sexy!

Now, you might want to ask why I would want to look sexy on GNO when my hubby isn't even out with me.  Here is my answer; When I am out with my hubby on a date night I try to be sexy for him too.  He tells me I'm sexy even if its been two days since I have showered and my legs have a winter coat.  Nice image,huh? Sometimes, it just feels good to be sexy for me.  To know that I look good. That's right, boys! I still got it! Plus, it is very flattering to have a man ask me to dance or buy me a drink.  Most of the time I accept. Hellooooo free drinks!! Seriously, I don't see the harm in dancing with someone other than my husband.  In fact what a great compliment to him that someone thinks his wife is smoking hot (not that that is the case).

I do not have a jealous husband.  I know that he completely trusts me and I him.  Knowing this makes GNO so much more fun.  I can flirt.  I can have fun.  I can show an amazing amount of cleavage.  Then I can go home and ravish my husband.  So, you see, my husband likes GNO too!

GNO is a time that I can focus on me.  We don't talk about the kids, much.  We don't bitch about the husbands, much.  Its about the girls.  The giggles.  The booty shaking.  The appreciation of a good strong drink with a dirty name. 

So after I get my house cleaned up a bit the GNO process will begin.  I will turn on my music.  Loud always loud.  Take a long shower.  Shave my legs.  Pluck some brows.  Paint my nails.  Fix my do.  Apply some makeup to enhance my beauty.  Spritz some body spray... tonight I may use the glitter kind.  Hug the kids.  Kiss my husband (he's looking forward to that ravishing).  Grab the keys and take off in my mini van.  What happens after that... well... I'll never tell!

I will be seeing Sally Brooks do her comedy routine tonight as part of GNO.  Here is a taste of what she does.  I have blogged about her before and she is amazing.  If you are watching and the kids are near turn it down or wait for their naps.  She is one foul mouth mutha but hilarious!!  Enjoy!

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