Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Hoop To Jump Through

Yeesh!  Just when I think I have everything sent in for my Indiana NCLEX-PN application I find out I do not.  This is very frustrating.   I even took everything in to my nursing advisor to have her look it over but nope.  The papers sent in were the wrong ones. IN wants to have verification of the state where I have my CNA.  Which is weird since I am trying to get my LPN license.  I guess they want to know if I have done anything wrong under my CNA. Oh well, I get it!

I have to have a special form now.  UGH!!!!!  At least when I called the office this morning for the IN nursing board the lady who answered was really nice and emailed me the copy of the form I needed.  This I am extremely grateful for because it would have taken forever to find on their website. 

I have the form filled out on my side. Now I have to get it filled out by my state so they can send it back to IN.  Then hopefully I will get the go ahead to take the NCLEX. 

On the bright side this gives me extra time to study.  Which I am going to do right now... maybe!

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  1. This too shall pass, friend!! Thinking I might go on Friday night!! :)