Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This post is not for those with weak stomachs!

It all started last Thursday night when my darling one year old son vomited up chicken and hashbrown casserole. Good news, my husband was holding him. Bad news, it was only the beginning.

My little one seemed fine on Friday when I took him to the sitter's. However, I was beginning to feel ill during my classes. When I picked my son up from the sitter's house she told me that he had two diapers of diarrhea. Yea!

The rest of the day we took a long nap and drank sprite. I was beginning to feel worse. I did make it through the night though.

Then Saturday afternoon it hit. I thought I was dying. It was horrible. Sitting in the bathroom with a puke bowl letting my guts literally spill. Not a pretty image, I know.

I got sick about four more times after that. During that time both of my daughters got sick. It was like a chain reaction. I get sick. Then they get sick. My husband was trying to take care of all of us. Poor guy.

While my husband was cleaning out one daughter's trash can and the other was getting sick in the tub, he also got sick. We were not winning this battle!

As the night wore on there was more mess to clean up. The floor. The couch. The sheets. I did not get any sleep at all.

Luckily the sun came up and it looked like we all survived. Sunday we lived on sprite and jello that my darling mother in law delivered to our house. We were all really tired so we just laid around and watched tv or took long naps.

Monday, we kept the kids from school to make sure they were over whatever bug took over our household. I unfortunately had to go to school. I took Pepto with me as my backpack buddy. During a break in my classes my husband texted me and told me that the kids probably would have been fine at school. Apparently everyone was beginning to feel better.

Now we are on the up and up. I slept in my own bed last night (after I put clean sheets on it of course). The kids went to school today feeling good. I am disinfecting everything. I need to by stock in Lysol.

Being sick is horrible. Being a mother that is sick just seems worse. You want to take care of your kids and make them feel better. Saturday night I did not think we would survive. It was a dark moment. (bit dramatic?) But we did survive. By the way I won't be making the chicken and hashbrown casserole again. Don't want to risk it.

Now life continues and I smell a really ripe diaper. I hope its not a runny one.

FYI: My eight year old son was the only one who did not get sick. I really hope it doesn't get it!

Have a great day and stay healthy!

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