Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Breaking Heart

My heart is breaking as I watch the news coverage on the Haiti earthquake. What a horrible event. I just saw a story about an orphanage. The girls running the facility said that they are running out of food and supplies for the children. Plus, they are worried that because of the government buildings being ruined their adoption papers are lost. I can't imagine the parents here in the United States who are anxiously awaiting news, any news, about the child they are wanting to welcome into their families. Please say a prayer for all of them.

After watching this news story it has reinforced the desire in me to adopt. My husband and I have always wanted a large family. Yep, I know we have four children already. Isn't that enough? No! Can you really fill your heart? Can you run out of space to add more love? No you cannot!

I'm not about collecting children. Nor do I want my own TLC show. But we have so much we can give to a child. Even before I was married I knew at some time I would adopt. I know there are people who think that we should not add on to our family. Well, I will simply say its not their decision to make. How can you turn your back on a child who needs a family?

Sure finances play a big role in this. Right now I am in school and I am not currently working. This is not something that we will do starting tomorrow. But it is something we want to do.

I ask you to pray for all children who do not have a family to love and protect them. Pray for all the parents who are waiting for their child to be placed in their arms. Pray for all the birth parents who decided that the best thing for their child was to let them go. Pray for all foster parents and orphanage workers. They are caring for these children until they find a home. Pray for the lawyers and those who make the laws on adoption. Pray for all the families that are trying to decide if adoption is in their future.


  1. Let me know when you guys are ready! I have lots of books and resources and a little experience too;)
    Don't let the money hold you back, there are grants, no interest loans, and tax credits for adoption.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa. You will definitely be my go to person when we decide we are ready. I am praying for you guys. I hope your little one will be in your arms soon.