Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day Back at School Parking Woes

Today was the first day of school after Christmas break. This means breaking in new instructors and getting used to new classmates. Last semester went fairly well. I was lucky to have a great lab partner who wasn't afraid of having the old lady in class for a partner. I survived a psych class that was driving me crazy. In all it was a successful semester. I was ecstatic when the grades were posted and I had a 4.0 GPA. Yeah me!

Now that I am in new classes is starts all over. One of my instructors I had last semester and I really enjoy his classes. I am looking forward to learning more from him. I will have to get to know two new instructors. I hope they like me. Sounds like a kindergartner going off to school for the first time, doesn't it? What if they don't like me? What if I don't make any friends? Do we really ever outgrow those concerns? I don't think so.

Here is how my school day started. I was up and ready by 6:30am. I really was excited to start my new classes. Might as well be positive about it right. I made pancakes and sausage for my family and got the kids off to school. After I dropped my youngest off at the sitters I headed to the college.

When I arrived I couldn't believe it. The parking lot closest to my building was full. Plus, there are these morons that do not realize that they can not just park wherever they want. Just let me say these morons were there last semester. I think they reproduced over the Christmas break. Or maybe it is a conspiracy against me because it really lights a fire under my you know what!!

I drive a mini-van. No, its not a huge vehicle but it does take some master skills to navigate the oddly parked cars. Unlike my husband, I do not have the skills of a ninja who can just slightly turn the wheel going at full speed and have the vehicle nicely parked. Yes, there is another parking lot that never fills up. I just don't like to go all the way over there. Its winter and I don't want to walk very far. I was just about to give up when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye. It was like the choir of angels were singing to me as the lights on the back of a pickup truck lit up and the vehicle pulled out of the parking space. I made sure to give him plenty of room to pull out and then I screeched into that spot. I parked the van and did a little victory dance. I even said the parking spot prayer- "Hail Mary, Full of Grace. Thank you for my parking space!" Before you yell at me for being disrespectful, my mother taught me that prayer.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Just learning what is expected of students for my class. However, when I came back to the school after my break I was cursing any and all driving instructors. Really, what do they teach these kids? Once again I drove aisle to aisle trying to wedge between cars that parked to close to the lane. Finally, when I had given up and decided that I better go to the other lot, I found a spot. The last spot in the lot. The spot that is right at the entrance of the parking lot and furthest from the building. I swung right into it hoping that no one would slide on some ice as they pulled into the parking lot.

What a way to start back to school! My classes are going to be great. I did have to listen to one instructor read straight from her syllabus and I could have died from boredom. But you never really know if we college kids know how to read. She just wanted to make sure we knew what was going on.

Do you have any funny parking lot stories? Share them in the comment section.

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