Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seriously.... I mean seriously?

Seriously? Are these kids for real? I'm not talking about my darling kids who do no wrong. I am talking about the kids in my college classes. True, they are not really kids in all actuality but young adults. Whatever.

I was in my speech class today. The teacher of this class is very nice but she has a zero tolerance for cell phones. I understand because nothing is more annoying than a phone going off while trying to talk to someone. Right before class a phone goes off. It was the guy sitting in front of me. He quickly goes to check it. Two minutes later it goes off again. Everyone in class looks at him because it is annoying. Then it goes off a third time. One of the girls in class tells him to turn it all the way off. The teacher tells him to make sure that it is off. So he gets up and takes the phone out of his pocket. Then he grabs his charger out of his bag and proceeds to the back of the classroom where he plugs it in. Problem solved. No more beeping. Note: If this had been me I would have been embarrassed out of this world. But to this guy it did not faze him the least bit.

Ten minutes into the class period the teacher singles out the guy sitting right next to me. I wasn't paying much attention to what he was doing. Instead I was worrying about her calling on me next. Since he was stammering about I looked up. The teacher asks if something was distracting him. After about 30 very uncomfortable seconds he says ya. He had his IPOD on.

Seriously... I mean seriously? How stupid can you be? Did these kids (I call them this because they obviously haven't grown up) learn anything in high school? Maybe my age is to blame. I may be older than most of the students in the class by a decade but I am not out of the loop altogether. Come on! Where is the respect for the teacher and other students?

I have found that as I take these classes I am easily annoyed by the whippersnappers who act like they are still in high school. I remember what those kids were like then. They drove me nuts. No surprise.. I still don't like it.

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