Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Summer to Skinny!

LOL... my scale says the same thing.

Now is the time of the year when I once again notice the bulge and the jiggle.  I love summertime.  I enjoy swimming and being outdoors.  I am at my highest weight.  235 pounds.  Ugh.  I weighed 233 two years ago when I went to the hospital to have my fourth child.  I even breastfed for 18 months but did not lose a damn pound.  Sure, I love to eat and chocolate is my heroin but I am ready to lose the weight. 

I used to be incredibly active.  I played soccer.  I went hiking.  I got up every morning at 5 am to jog.  Ha, I hate jogging now.  My breasts hate it more than I do.  I have tried Weight Watchers.  The first time I lost 25 pounds then I found out I was pregnant with my third child.  After she was born I lost 19 pounds doing Body For Life.  Just a couple months ago I lost 11 pounds when I was vegan for 5 weeks.  I know I can lose weight but I find it hard to stick with it. 

Since it is summer again I start having the desire to lose the weight.  Plus, I am reminded constantly that I am fat and not phat when we go places like amusement parks.  It is much harder to fit into the rides when you look like you have two huge hams in your shorts.  I figure maybe if I blog about it then it will force to me to keep up with my weight loss goals.

I am not going to do anything fancy.  Here is what I am going to do:
  • Be more active.  Swim, walk, Wii fitness, hike, yoga for abs (I have the VHS tape)
  • Eat smaller portions.  I have a habit of eating everything in front of me.  I am hoping this will make a difference.
  • More water and less sweet tea or sodas.  Since it is summer I need to be drinking more water anyways.  I love me so sweet tea or an ice cold coke but I am going to cut back to one or the other just once a day.

I do not plan to lose a ton of weight right away.  I know that it is healthier to lose at a slow and consistent pace.  My goal is to lose 20 pounds by Labor Day Weekend.  Will you help cheer me along?  I need some really good cheerleaders.  And if you have awesome suggestions or easy ( I hate to cook) recipes I would love to have them.  I will keep you posted each week.  Fridays I will weigh in.  Successes and downfalls will be included.  Join me on my summer to skinny!

Today I am 235 pounds.  I wear an XXL or 18-20 in women's sizes.    My bra size is 42DDD! 


  1. Alright so we're getting real here. I weigh 265. 30 pounds more than you. I read today that anything over 200 pounds is considered superobese. I don't want to be superobese. If you want an exercise buddy I'm here. We can hold each other accountable. Maybe have our own Biggest Loser contest against the hubbies. That might be amusing. I'm here for ya!

  2. Yea! It is about consistent and proper nutrition as well as exercise. You'll do it!

    New follower from the blog hops!

  3. Stacy, we can do it. Plus, I don't want to be the fat nurse that patients will say "Why is she giving me nutrition advice?" I would rather them say, "Damn that is a hot nurse." LOL

  4. Just found your BLOG!!!!! LMAO :) I had this same problem 12 yrs. ago, I was 15/16 - my weight was 185 for 5ft/ 7 frame. I cut back on what I ate, switched to diet coke, walked at least 1 mile 3 days a week, and calorie shift. Calories shift, is simple if you eat burger & fries, are eating salad and fruit the next day. This keeps your body guessing and burning calories. When you go on the 1200, 1500, or 2000 calorie diets, your body know how many calories you are eating and packs the FAT!

    If I eat around 1200 calories on Thursday, Friday will be 1800, Saturday 2400, and Sunday 1400.

  5. Thanks for the calories shift advice. I never thought of that.