Saturday, January 22, 2011

Party Like a Rock Star! Yes, I Will!

Whew.... 2011 has just begun and we have been going nonstop.  We rang in the New Year at our favorite camp.  We visited with fabulous friends and listened to awesome music.  All the kids ran around and got soda and sugar wasted.  Seriously, I found my two year old crashed on the couch and my nine year old asleep on the floor buried under sofa cushions. My daughters actually made it to their bunks before crashing.  There was no where to drive to so we adults could enjoy the festivities as well.  And we did.  We hung out in the rain and had philosophical conversations about the stars and the nakedness of the trees. It was a gorgeous night after the clouds cleared away. The sky was clear and you felt like if you reached up you could grab a star and hold it in your palm. 

The following week the kids went back to school. Well, kind of.  We had to battle fevers and colds.  Our family only shares when we are sick.  But everyone was back to full health that next weekend.  Which was a good thing since we had to go out of town again for my daughter's basketball tournament.  We stayed with good friends who didn't mind the craziness our family brought to their house.  We had a blast watching the basketball games and hanging out with longtime friends who came to cheer on my daughter.  They came in fourth place.  Of course, staying with friends means late night talks around the kitchen table accompanied by many drinks... way too many drinks.  Oh my gosh we laughed so hard and danced around the kitchen.  Good times!  That night, or morning, I was the first to crash.  That cold that my family liked to share had finally reached me.
The following week was horrid.  My cold was a killer and all I wanted to do was sleep.  But no sleep for me, as my nursing classes started back up.  I was miserable.  The week went by too slow. 

The next weekend (last weekend) my family went to Missouri for my sister's wedding.  I was finally beginning to get over the worst of my cold and was feeling much better.  The weekend went by fast but we had a blast.  My sister looked amazing as a bride.  I cried many tears when she and her husband had their first dance.  I am the oldest of four girls.  And we are not a quiet bunch.  So the reception was loud and wild.  We danced our faces off.  And we drank... too much... again.  Luckily for us, one of my sisters is pregnant and was the DD.  So we did not have to worry about driving back to the hotel.  We survived another weekend of wildness.

I am proud to say that the effect of the partying did not stop me from doing well on my first nursing exam of the semester.  Yup, I aced it. 

This weekend is a calm weekend.  By that I mean we are not going anywhere.  At least I am not going anywhere.  I going to relax and watch movies with my kiddos.  Next weekend, however, is an entirely different story.  I will be celebrating my (cough, cough) 29th (ahem) birthday.  And I plan on partying like a rock star yet again.

Who said that once you married and have kids that you could no longer have fun and be completely inappropriate?

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