Monday, January 24, 2011

Yeah Today is not a Snow Day!

Thank you God!  Today the kids went back to school.  Last week due to all the snow they had two days off of school.  While I don't mind not having to wake them up and get them out the door, I do mind that my house turns into crazy town.  Normally, snow days are just lazy days.  Now that I am in school it is a bit different.  We don't get snow days.  Which I think is a bit ridiculous since the roads were really nasty last week.  Oh well.  That's life. It did cause problems as I had to figure out childcare that I normally would not have needed.  So don't hate me when I jump up and down that my kids are at school today.  I love them so much but I am really enjoying this peace and quiet. Until 3pm that is. 

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