Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Freakin Birthday To Me!

I will be honest.  I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!  Ya, I know, I'm not five anymore but why shouldn't I celebrate my birthday.  I'm no Bella (there is my Twilight reference for this post) where I dread my birthday.  Of course if I was hot for a young vampire who didn't age I probably wouldn't like my birthday either.  But that is not the case here so I am gonna woop it up. 

I know as we get older we are to graciously celebrate our birthday and go on with the year.  I never understood that.  I always look forward to my birthday. Its not because I am expecting presents and anything awesome but because it is my day.  This is my day to celebrate me. I have survived... ugh... 33 years (sigh that hurt to type).  Why not be excited about it? 

This year I have my dear friends, Ben and Jen, in da house to help me rock it out.  I'm freakin stoked.  At about 5pm tonight I will shed my mommy exterior and become Naughty Nancy.  Won't my hubby be excited.  My nursing pals will be meeting me at my friend's bar and we are going to dance our faces off.  This is what I really want.  To have fun with fantastic friends who love me and make me laugh.  What gift could be better?

So what I am getting older.  While at this point in my life I'm a bit weirded out by that, but hey what can you do?  I survived another year.  If that doesn't require a night of drinking and debauchery I don't know what does.

Happy Freakin Birthday To Me!

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