Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toyota thinks I'm lame!

Is it just me or does the kid in the Toyota Highlander commercials need a time out?  I always thought that commercials were meant to make the consumer want to buy the product not cringe away.  Should my kids think I am a lame parent because I don't have the newest vehicle.  We don't have a dvd player in our van.  Only one of our side sliding doors is automatic.  But it runs and it gets my kids to their practices and scout meetings.  It takes them to the movies and friends' birthday parties.  Pretty lame I know. 

I'm not planning on buying a new vehicle anytime soon but I definitely would not buy from Toyota.  Is this how they think our children should react?  Parents don't be lame?  Toyota, you totally screwed up!  You should be more concerned with how I feel about a vehicle instead of what my child thinks of it.  FYI... that snotty ten year old (or whatever age he happens to) wouldn't be able to purchase much less drive one of your so called "Not Lame" vehicles.  Your commercials disgust me!

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