Tuesday, April 5, 2011

33 going on 16

OMG!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited.  In two weeks I will be so close to one of the hottest men in the world.  JARED LETO!  Ever since I was 16 I had a fan crush on this man.  It all started with the tv show "My So Called Life".  Now I am a fan of his band 30 Seconds to Mars.  They are very talented. 

When I found out that they would be in St. Louis I just had to go.  So my friend, Stacy, and I are going.  Woohoo!!  My husband understands my Jared obsession just like I understand how his Maxim subscription was mysteriously renewed.

So I feel like I am 16 again.  Butterflies in my stomach all excited.  I will be jumping with the crowd and singing my heart out.  I probably won't be in line for an autograph or a picture.  I'll let the kids do that. I just want to be able to say I heard him play live.  Like I said before he is very talented and the music is amazing.  It should be a good show. 

Enough gushing about Oh so Sexy Jared Leto. 
 But now you understand don't you!  Yum!


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