Monday, April 11, 2011

Vegan Update

Almost three weeks ago I went vegan.  If you are unfamiliar with the term, vegan means someone who does not eat animal products or wears them (I have one pair of leather shoes, had them for years).  As mentioned in a previous post I chose this lifestyle change because of my weight.  Plus, I really don't care for the ways animals are being treated.   My family still eats meat just not as much anymore.  Anyway, I just wanted to give a bit of an update.  I have lost 7 pounds since I started.  I'm ecstatic.  I feel better physically too.  My finger nails are stronger and don't break as easily as before. I have more energy.  And my bowels are super duper happy.

I'm actually very surprised that it has been so easy.  I'm not starving and I don't feel like I am denying myself anything. The best part is that I am not craving meat, cheese, or eggs.

Since I have given up things like dairy and eggs I haven't been hitting the sweets like I normally do. Had I just gone without meat I would have eaten 30 of the 52 cupcakes I baked this weekend.  That is a bit of an exaggeration, just a bit though.  Since I know that I won't eat those things it is easier to say no to them.  Before I would eat a couple and then promise that I would work it off later.  No wonder I wasn't losing any weight before. I didn't care about what I was actually putting into my body.

I know I am not losing big weight as if I was on the Biggest Loser but that isn't real life.  I once had success on Weight Watchers but now I am losing weight faster than ever with my vegan lifestyle.  I don't have to count points or figure calories.  I am totally loving this.

I encourage anyone out there who is trying to lose weight to give this a try.  Even just for a month.  See the results for yourself.  Be honest with yourself and truly think about where your food has lived before it gets to your refrigerator.  Is that something you really want to eat?

I am learning more and more each day about the vegan lifestyle.  It is quiet exciting and I am not breaking the bank like I thought I would.  Its always fun to try something new.  You never know if you will succeed at it unless you try.

The following youtube film is about slaughter houses.  It is graphic so don't watch if you have a weak stomach.  But sometimes we need to see what actually happens.  We all know it occurs but we tend to rationalize it.  Really, think about it.  Would you eat that?

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