Sunday, February 13, 2011

We Don't Speak British!

Funniest thing I head all week. My son had cub scouts last Thursday. I arrived about 5 minutes early to pick him up. This is what I heard "Boys you should show respect to the flag and to the soldiers who fight to honor it. Because of them you are able to speak English and not British." I about had a laughing fit.While I am all about honoring our soldiers and respecting the flag, the leaders seemed to be really fired up about it.  It had me a bit worried that maybe they were teaching our sons more than we want them to learn.  They are nine years old.  From the looks on the boys' faces they were bored to tears.  I know its hard being a troop leader.  You want to inspire these kids but they are mainly there for the fun and hopefully they learn something while having fun.  I am very thankful for the den leader. They have to put time into their meetings.  However, I am afraid that from what I was hearing they were putting into the minds of our kids that because we speak English that we are superior to other Americans who do not.  While this is most likely not the case it seemed to me that maybe I should sit in on more cub scout meetings to make sure they are teaching our boys appropriate things.  
 I want my son to be a worldly man.  To be accepting of all races.  Even those British speaking people!  I'm sorry.  I just found this to be so freaking hilarious.  If it weren't for our soldiers we would be using words like "govna" "bollocks" "cheerio".  What would our society be like then?  

Happy Boy Scout Sunday!


  1. I probably shouldn't say it, but I often find some scout and cub leaders, not to mention brownies and guides (in England) think they are experienced and qualified to be classed as "teachers" when I actually wonder if they are!!

    Good post.
    CJ xx

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