Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me and My Baby

My sitter is sick today.  Which is okay because Tuesdays I don't have class. Today I did not have anything planned except catching the laundry up and maybe cracking open a nursing book.  Today was also my day to sleep in.  My husband and I have this agreement that we let each other sleep in at least once a week.  My hubby gets Monday because that is his day off.  So I get the kids up and out the door all by myself.  Tuesdays I sleep in because I don't have a class.  Usually, I am up once the kids are out the door. The noise of getting them ready isn't the best to help someone sleep.  But getting out of getting them ready, hunting down lost AR books and fixing breakfast... priceless!

Today is a rare day.  My little guy and I are home by ourselves.  We are going to snuggle and watch cartoons. Play with all his train toys and take a snuggly nap together.  With four kids there aren't too many chances to have one on one time so I treasure these days. 

I hope you have a great day.  This post is going to be short so I have time with my little baby.

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