Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weeds Abundant

Yesterday my family and I worked on our yard. We have a nice medium sized yard. It doesn't take long to mow which is a good thing. The bad part of our yard is the flower bed that I wanted so badly for Mother's Day this year. Be careful what you ask for.

I was so excited this past Mother's Day when my hubby and kiddos helped me plant a flower bed. We had pretty green plants and purple flowers. Surrounded by red mulch. I have always tried to do a flower bed but they never last. Usually what I plant dies. I believe I have a black thumb.
This is part of my flower bed that was planted on Mother's Day.  See those little purple flowers they have gotten so big!

This year it is different. The flowers are growing and are so pretty. But the weeds are growing just as fast if not faster. It is so much work to have a flower bed. Yesterday I attacked those weeds. It gave me a sense of pride to wrench them from the soil in order to protect the other plants.

Today the yard looks great. But in a couple of days I bet those pesky weeds will be back to torture me.

Next year I would like to have a small vegetable garden. Yup, I know that will be even more work. But, it also means less yard to mow.

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