Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy Doctor Moments

You know you have one.  A crazy doctor moment when you are left thinking "what the heck?"  Here is mine and I hope you will share yours too!

A few years ago I went in for my normal "Roto Rooter" appointment.  That is what my mother used to call an OB/GYN.  Anyway, everything was normal.  Blood pressure, weight, pee in cup, breast exam and then it went a little weird.  During the pelvic when I was staring at the ceiling trying to make small talk with my doctor she says, "Oh my that is so cute". 

"Ummm... what is cute?"  I couldn't figure out what the heck in my vajayjay could be so darn cute.  I mean we were in the middle of my yearly pap smear for Christ's sake. 

"Your toe nails.  I love the little butterfly design on your toes." she explained.

"Oh.... ummm thanks?"  I replied. 

Then my doctor began to giggle when she finally realized what she had done.  Finally when the exam was over and I sat up on the table she apologized for the confusion.  No problem I thought.

It was actually very funny because right before I went into the exam room I was reading a parenting magazine. This is the story....  A mom was going in for her appointment and she did not have enough time to freshen up (you all know you do it before going to the Roto Rooter).  So she grabbed an already wet cloth in the bathroom at home and tried her best to freshen up.  During her exam her doctor kind of laughed and said that not all of her patients went to such extremes to prepare for their appointments.  The patient did not understand what she meant and just kind of nodded.  Finally when she got home she grabbed the rag while doing laundry and opened up.  It was covered in glitter and no say was her lady parts!

You just never know what is going to happen when visiting the "Lady Doctor".  Do you have any funny stories to tell?  Please share.

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  1. Oh my... I am literally laughing out loud at this. Here's my embarrassing story. I was going to my OB doctor I think when I was pregnant with Jessica, but it could have been katelyn. Anyways I was always so nervous when I went.. Doctors just do that to me. Doctor asked me why I was so nervous. I was surprised he noticed. He said he could see my chest moving because my heart beating so hard!