Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Puking with joy!

Super Nurse Nancy... in a year or two!

At this moment I am not sure whether to run around the house screaming with joy or to hide in the corner behind our blue recliner and bawl. Maybe a bit of both. Wondering why the confusion of emotions? Well, I received a call last night on my answering machine from the nursing adviser where I attend college. She said that there is a spot open in the PNC program (LPN) and would like for me to call her first thing in the morning.

I, of course, immediately got on Facebook and posted my exciting news. My fellow students congratulated me. They knew that I had been on the waiting list. Other friends and family encouraged me. I am so happy and scared (excuse me) shitless!

Classes will start in two days. I have no idea what the schedule will entail at all. So this means figuring out child care. In two days. I have to get my books. Supplies. I have not had an entire summer to mentally prepare myself for this. But as one of my friends told me; I didn't have all summer to mentally psyche myself out either.

Am I ready for this? I am truly scared. Sure I made it through what other people have called a really hard class with an 'A'. I hear some teachers in the back of my mind telling my past classes that "Nursing will be much harder than this. If you are having trouble here don't bother going into nursing." Surely I can do this... right?

The friends I have made in other classes that are in the nursing program are in the RN program. The programs are basically the same except if they pass the first year they are guaranteed a spot the second year. I can pass the first year but may not be able to finish into an RN the following year depending on room in the program and rank. At least I will get to see them at some point maybe. We will be in different classes.

My husband I think has mixed feelings as well. I know he is happy for me. Heck, I have been trying to finish school forever. Its just that the past year I have finally gotten gung ho about it. I have been looking for a job. Things are tight and I need to help our family out. With me getting into the nursing program it will take up a lot of my time. Yes, I know I still need to get a job. I know Jason did not want to say it last night but he did. And I understand. At least yesterday I also received a message from VNA in our area looking for home health aides. I will call them today after I know what is going on with nursing. I plan on working and doing my part.

A downside to this... since I wasn't expecting a stressful school year I signed up to volunteer with big school functions. I was going to co-chair the biggest fundraiser the school has. I am also a Girl Scout leader. I have two troops. Both daughters are in scouts. I have a Daisy troop and a Junior troop. The good thing is that I have great parents that are willing to step up and help out. Thank God for that. I am going to need so much help. Last night before I knew about the nursing call I volunteered to plan a tent camping overnight/ Fall festival for the Girl Scouts in our area. That shouldn't be too hard. I hope. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Okay, so that is what is happening right now. I cannot promise how often I will be on here to blog. I will try my best to be consistent. I am sure I will have some good things to post about while going through nursing school.

I just wish I didn't feel like I was going to puke at any moment. I cannot let my nerves get to me.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Just remember... there are two kinds of stress. The kind you can control and the kind you can't. Choose what's most important to you right now and concentrate on that. Later when you are done you can do the other stuff. Right now let it get done without you.