Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not everything goes as planned

This past summer I decided that my family needed to be greener.  If you have been reading my posts you will know that we switched to cloth diapers.  While that worked for maybe about three months we ended up going back to disposable.  I do love cloth diapers. However, my life became hectic really fast going back to school and working nights that we just weren't able to keep up with constant washing of diapers.  To be honest we could not afford to purchase enough cloth diapers to keep laundry to a minimum.  We tried though. 

I am still using some homemade cleaning products.  I do love to clean with vinegar.  But today I used bleach.  We have had a bug run through our house and I wanted to make sure I disinfected everything.  So the bathrooms are super clean.  So sue me.  I used bleach. 

We have kept up with recycling.  Our trash has become smaller each week.  I get all giddy when I look at what we recycle each week.  About 10 milk jugs, apple juice jugs, cereal or snack boxes, Girl Scout cookie boxes, paperwork from school, newspapers, magazines... I'm just happy that its not going into the dump. 

We all know that not everything goes as planned.  Wouldn't life be wonderful if it did?  Right now I am ecstatic that my laundry is caught up (including put away), last year's fall clothes have been donated, kitchen is clean, bathroom clean, homework finished, Christmas shopping started and I am not worried about getting something accomplished right now.  That to me is success.  I'll take it.

Have a great day and don't get too upset when things don't go as planned!

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