Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remember Me?

It's been a long time since I last posted on my actual blog page. Life has been one big blur this past year. Here is an update:

  • I passed nursing school! Woohoo! I passed my boards, too! Now I am working as a med/surg nurse. Let me tell you that now that I am on my own as an RN, nursing school doesn't look so bad. But I have been told to give nursing a year or two until I get comfortable. So far I have two and half months down. 
  • We bought a brand new mini van. Big pimpin I know! New job. New paycheck. New car payment. I love the new vehicle. It has plenty of unnecessary bells and whistles but let me tell you one thing. Those bells and whistles keep my four kids entertained on long trips.
  • I am still overweight but have lost twelve pounds since working as a nurse. There is no time to eat on the shift and when I do eat I try to eat healthy. I do plan to start cycling. Don't worry I will post how that is going. It should be very comical as I have not ridden a bike since before I was married.
  • Our parish went through a big "scandal" when our priest was made to leave due to his not following the teachings of the Catholic Church. It was a bad time for our parish. Lines were drawn and I even lost a few friends. Just be thankful that I wasn't blogging at this point. My opinion was not one that was widely accepted. I do believe our parish can now heal and grow with the help of our new parish priest. Through the turmoil I did pay more attention to my own faith as a Catholic. It is in desperate need of some repair. But that is a whole other post on it's own.
  • I have been told several times that I should not have any more children. Jason, my husband, and I have no plans to have more children. Yet, friends and family feel it is their responsibility to let us know their stance on the size of our family. 
  • My youngest is potty trained. I honestly never thought it would happen. Just kidding. A little. My house is now diaper free. For the first time in twelve years there is no one in my home wearing diapers.
As you can see I have been busy. Now that things are getting to be a bit more settled I hope I will have more time to focus on blogging and writing. The kids are back in school for the year. I am getting used to the life of a night shift nurse (it's two in the morning as I write this). I am looking forward to normalcy now. Who am I kidding? Life will never be normal or settled. 

If you are reading this thanks for checking back in. I hope to entertain you with all the wonders of Dishes, Diapers and Degrees!  Hmmm.... maybe I should change then name now that I don't have diapers and I am finished with that degree. 

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