Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crap! I forgot I had a blog!!

Whoa! Its been awhile.  Life has been crazy lately.  Here is an update.

#1- I got into second year nursing school.  Woot Woot.  Yes, I am on my way to my RN.  I am very excited and scared.  The material is insanely difficult this year but I vow to get through it all.  I am blessed to have wonderful classmates who are supportive.  We have a great class.  Our instructors could use a swift kick in the motivation department.  I have never met such negative Nellies before.  Oh well they won't take me down. 

#2- My husband, Jason, had surgery on August 18th.  He had his right salivary gland removed.  The gland was send to pathology who then sent it to Mayo Clinic.  We found out two weeks later that it was cancerous.  He has Mammary Analogue Secretory Carninoma.  Ya, that is exactly what I thought. WTF!?!?!?!  It is very rare and the doctors really don't know anything about it.  The good thing is that it is a low grade cancer.  Jason, will start radiation treatment next week to make sure there aren't any lingering pesky cancer cells that may spread.  Please keep in your thoughts and prayers.

#3- My little sister, MaryAnne, was deployed on September 11th.  She will be going to the "sandbox".  I am glad that we were able to send her off and spend time together.  I just wish that she did not have to be a part of this senseless war.  She is brave and I am really proud of her.  Please pray for my sister as well. 

#4- I still have four kids that make my household crazytown.  I love it.  I love them.  Lately things have been stressed and I know they have been affected but we will all make it through.

As you can see life is... well... its life.  Its unpredictable.  I could do without a few of the stressors but really they make me who I am.  I really don't have any complaints.  Ok, that is a blatant lie, but we all complain.  I have beautiful kids who are little shits every now and then.  I am getting closer to my career as a nurse.  I am hopelessly in love with my husband.  We go through rough patches like any other relationship but is to be expected.  I am happy to say that the passion we had when we first met is no longer there.  It has multiplied.  I never thought that happened. I guess we are just lucky. 

So I am going to take life one day at a time.  With all that is going on that is all I can handle.  Not everyday am I at my best.  Some days I look back and I cringe at my attitude or something else.  But I am trying to embrace each new day with a positive outlook. 


  1. Hi, another nurse here:) I was browsing ftlob's directory and found your blog. I'm sorry about your husband. I hope the radiation goes well and that he will feel ok. The side effects of radiation of that area can be really nasty. Good luck with your nursing studies!! It will be well worth all the hard work.

  2. Hi Susi,
    Thanks for stopping by. I will do my best to update this blog as much as possible. As you can tell life is pretty crazy right now.