Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls' Night!

Calling all my ladies! When was the last time you had a ladies' night? Went out on the town and shook it down? If you haven't had one recently or at all I highly recommend doing so soon!

Just this past weekend two friends and I went to Louisville,KY. We saw a comedy show, had a yummy dinner and danced our asses off. Literally. Dancing is a great form of exercise you know. It was a blast.

I was not a wife or a mom that weekend. I just needed time to be me. I have always loved dancing. Even in middle school when attending the local youth club I could always be found on the dance floor.

My fellow lady friends and I danced it up and we danced it down. We got our groove on and danced all around. We weren't afraid of the crush of people on the dance floor. All kinds of people were there. Some you did not mind dancing with and others, well, you would rather they went home!

I am married to a wonderful man. But he does not dance. At all. So when asked to dance I will accept. But times have changed and this dancing ain't what it used to be. You almost need to be way past first date familiarity with these people. Oh lordy!

But it was fun. Makes you feel sexy and fun. People were dancing all around and of course on the bar. I am very comfortable saying when another woman has a lovely body. And one of the ladies working at the club was on the bar. If I had an ass like her, I would be dancing on a bar every night too! Wow! That is all I have to say.

A girls' night was just what the doctor ordered. I adore being a wife and a mother. But sometimes I lose me in the process. The wild girl who loves to shake it!

This weekend will be another girls' weekend as I celebrate my sister's last days of being a single lady. I don't know how I planned two weekends in a row, but who really cares.

So, get out there. Have a weekend away! You don't have to go far. But you do need to get away every once in awhile. You might not thank yourself the morning after but you will be glad you did it!

Oh and here is a tip for you. Let your cell phone battery die. Or at least that is what you should tell your husband. They will try to reach you while you are gone. I have figured it is because they have grown accustomed to having us near and are desperate for us when we are gone. How else can you explain grown men calling and texting non stop? Just wait till they are away... pay back!

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