Friday, September 10, 2010

The Kardashians couldn't keep up with me

Whew!  Its been awhile since I've been on.   As you know I was accepted into the local LPN program right before classes began about 3 months ago.  So far so good.  I am enjoying the class discussions and am beginning to get to know my fellow classmates.  We have had two tests and I scored an A on both of them.  I am really excited by my grades.  But I have been studying hard and praying a lot. 

Since I got into the nursing program I also started working part time at a local nursing home. I am working nights but only a few a week.  Yes, this is annoying.  But I have to be able to pay the sitter so I can go to school, therefore I must work.  Nasty cycle isn't it.  Of course, our bills are happy that I have a job.  Things won't be so tight at least.    The downside to working is that it messes up my sleep schedule and I am pretty grouchy the day after I work.  This makes me feel guilty which kind of adds to my stress.  Also, our nursing program faculty doesn't seem to be very supportive of students working.  My instructor just had to mention that a student who worked nights while in the program last year didn't make it.  Boo!  Well I'm going to make it.

Added to school and work are my volunteer projects. I am a girl scout leader for two troops.  Both my girls are in scouts.  I know I could take time off of this while in school and that my daughters would understand but this is a time I need to be with them.  I cannot get these two years back once they are gone.  Plus I want to be a role model for my children.  If you want it bad enough you can do it.  We started the GS year off with a potluck picnic at our local state park.  It was a wonderful night watching the girls and their families play.  It was also an easy night.  I am blessed to have wonderful parents to help me out too.  I have cut back on the extra activities so I can concentrate on more important things.  I am going to have to stand in front of a mirror and practice saying no.  My kids already believe that I am an expert on the word no.

On top of all this I still have to do housework and care for my family.  I will never and have never had a spotless home.  But it is clean.... for the most part.  Crock pot dinners will be the norm.  I am trying to make dinners my family will enjoy but also won't take a ton of time to create. 

I am not doing all this on my own.  I know some people have to.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who is by my side and wants to see me succeed.  Yes, we go a couple of days without really talking.  We just aren't in the same place at the same time or awake at the same time.  Just the other day Jason asked how everything was.  I said fine and then about three seconds later started bawling.  I was so overwhelmed with how I was going to accomplish everything.  After a good hearty cry I felt much better. 

There are moments everyday when I wonder how I will survive all of this.  I want to do well in school.  I want to be able to help my family financially.  I want to be an active participant in my children's lives.  Everyday someone tells me that they don't know how I do it all.  Sometimes I wonder if there is a pool somewhere with people taking bets on when I will give up.  Just kidding everyone for the most part has been really supportive.   

So are you exhausted in reading this?  See the Kardashians have nothing on me.  I'm sure a life of luxury is oh so hard.  I would like to see them keep up with me.  Just for a day!


  1. Following you from Friday Blog Hops! Loving your blog already :)


  2. ***Hug*** Keep up with it. I couldn't do half of what you're doing!